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We are Disruptive. We are Expert. We are Trusty.


Protect, guarantee, create, manage. Cyberoo’s 4 watchtowers, placed around your activity and arranged like guardians to safeguard your information. From our bastions we put your business at the center of our mission: to simplify your complexity.

We are

Data is the heart of every company: Cyberoo automates the process of threat and anomaly detection with a proactive 24/7 strategy.
We invest in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data, that we combine with our brightest minds in order to create cutting edge solutions. Our products and managed services are perfectry cut out for the client and guarantee the continuity of the infrastructure, data security and avoid unnecessary stress.

We are

Cyberoo protects, monitors and manages your IT infrastructure, creating an ad-hoc strategy designed to guarantee continuity. We take care of your company processes, in order to let you focus all your energy on the business.

We are

Because we believe that people come first. As professionals in the IT sector, we strive to let every single gear of our company work at its maximum potential, allowing the employees to focus exclusively on their own activities, with the goal to again create value for their clients.


In 2018 Cyberoo Lab was born: A proprietary technological HUB network with the ambition to create intelligent and competitive solutions on the international market, in support of security and operational continuity.


We are part of a larger group, a Tech Company with experience in the world of IT of many years. Thanks to the synergy with this group’s other companies, Cyberoo benefits of precious support and integrates itself easily into this ecosystem.
we are cyberoo



We are IT professionals that understand the requirements of who works, manages and runs IT infrastructures. We take every need into consideration and take care of it with commitment, passion and experience.


In everything we do, we commit ourselves to bring integrity, the best quality of service, and maximum transparency on time and expectations.


Innovation is essential. We explore new ways, and identify continuously opportunities to design, develop and promote creative, prompt and effective solutions.


We focus on productivity, no stone unturned when identifying where we can bring improvements and provide value. We face challenges of a fast-changing market rapidly and we never make compromises when it comes to quality.


We are Cyberoo.

We are Disruptive. We are Expert. We are Trusty. Cyberoo supports your business with digital skills and international resources at your disposal.


Reggio Emilia

via Brigata Reggio, 37 – 42124

Tel. 0522.388111



via Pola, 11 – 20124


Lodi (Cornegliano L.)

via Toscana, 40/42 – 26854

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