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Risk Assessment

Evaluating cyber risks and understanding their consequences is the first step for tackling cyber crime and remaining operational.

Cyber attacks are increasingly frequent, with catastrophic effects on IT infrastructure

79 %
Companies who are victims of phishing (7% recorded direct financial losses).
63 %
Companies targeted by ransomware attacks.

83 %

Attacks with high and/or critical impact in 2022 (vs 79% in 2021).

0,68 Mio

Average cost for remedying the damage caused by attacks, including downtimes, working hours and ransoms paid.

Sources: online public news



Risk Assessment aims to identify and analyse the risks to understand the intervention priorities and produce strategic actions to contain or reduce them.

It helps to forecast the risk in terms of:

  • Infrastructure
  • Network
  • Cyber Security
  • Compliance Privacy
  • Advanced Persistent Threat

Why is it important to perform a risk assessment?

To underline the critical company areas
To support in-house analyses and take better decisions
To identify the intervention priorities
To avoid problems and manage resources in a more aware manner


Highly skilled

with technical knowledge and extensive experience in IT security.

In-depth analytical

to identify and precisely assess IT risks and threats.


to the customer’s specific requirements, guaranteeing a high-quality and reliable service.