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Infrastruttura Cloud

With our Cloud environments you can reduce your IT infrastructure costs and obtain virtually unlimited scalability and agility while maintaining a very high degree of security and compliance.

With us you will have access to Cloud applications and infrastructure that deliver high-level performance and availability thanks to the most advanced technology in the market today.

Our Cloud Services can reduce your infrastructure costs, provide virtually unlimited scalability and agility, accelerate time-to-market, and maintain a very high degree of security and compliance.


IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) provides a highly reliable Cloud infrastructure fully managed by our specialists. Based on VMware Hypervisor, the service ensures a Private Cloud containing computational resources dedicated to you. Everything is run from a shared environment, a Level 4 (Tier IV) data center.

IaaS is your perfect solution if you’re a startup or SME because it allows you to test new ideas without needing to invest in Hardware.

Highly reliable

The systems are based on machines with high-availability and high-capacity network connectivity, grouped together in clusters for redundancy.

Guaranteed scalability and resources

The Private Cloud environment supports unlimited vertical scalability. Supplied HW resources do not present situations of overbooking and are physically ensured.

Maximum performance

We use latest-generation CPUs, SSD-tiered or ALL-FLASH storage arrays and non-metered Internet connection.

Cloud backup

With our Cloud Backup service your company data and virtual servers are backed up and kept available at all times.


Our solution is suited to any organization, regardless of size or backup software used. Unlike traditional Data Center backup management, with our infrastructure you can access your data any time.


With cloud backup, data and virtual machines are copied into our Cloud infrastructure, hosted in a Level 4 (Tier IV) data center. The successful outcome of the data storage operation is continually monitored by our specialists, ensuring the first step in Disaster Recovery.

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