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Each IT department has the task of maintaining all a company’s systems operational. We track and optimise every network component to prevent operational slowdowns. We automatically design the topology and monitor the hardware to avoid infrastructure bottlenecks.

Why choose the

Titaan Suite?

It upturns the paradigm of classic monitoring systems. Titaan Suite collects and correlates service logs, applications, virtual servers, server infrastructure and network assets in a single hub.

Reduction in productivity drops, system inactivity and security risks

Titaan Croono identifies the network equipment and nodes that are more “overloaded” in terms of data transmission speeds. It is used to prevent performance bottlenecks and recover and redistribute hardware resources according to actual load.

IT Network


Monitored network assets inventory

With a pro-active network monitoring system, you can identify and solve slowdowns, inactivity and security risks in real time. Mapping the network topology and detecting suspicious activities or potential breaches are possible with Titaan Croono.

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Our team will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information to guide you on your path to data protection, assisting you in strengthening your company’s protection barriers.

Titaan Croono in short


Network topology

Automatic node design and identification, connections and transfer speeds. It offers a layout view of the device positions and problems in progress.


Performance monitoring

It identifies applications and servers with their respective band use. It is used to correctly view the resources and acquire bands and hardware according to load.


Network asset monitoring

The state of the monitored assets and alarm severity in a single dashboard. It provides details of each monitored device and information on the power supply to each equipment.


Network interface monitoring

It creates an inventory of the VLANs and ports. It provides a detail of each device port. It monitors packages with TCP/UDP protocol and checks errors.


IA monitoring

Artificial Intelligence monitors and promptly reports any problems. It uses learning to prevent them, by identifying patterns, reducing the operators’ work load.

What Titaan Suite gives you

Prevention and reduction of the costs of system inefficiencies
user-friendly, real-time reporting dashboard
Continuous monitoring of every device using artificial intelligence
Automatic alerts in the event of faults, and minimisation of false positives

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