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Endpoint Security

Our Cybersecurity Specialists have selected for you the best products the market has to offer for Endpoint Protection from cyber threats.

Secure your endpoints in the most effective way possible.

CYBEROO’s cybersecurity specialists provide a service built around your business with a selection of latest-technology products.

We have moved beyond traditional Endpoint Security products. Our service to you analyzes and performs checks on the instruments and data generated by your frontline security systems with the approach of a Cybersecurity Specialist.


Our Antivirus Service enables you to outsource security management and maintenance over your entire IT infrastructure.

Our specialists will take care of managing your company’s Antivirus as well as the Microsoft or application patch update distribution.

We offer three Antivirus Service packages, to fit your specific operational needs: Basic, PRO and FSS. All three use Kaspersky Endpoint For Business Select and its management.


Antivirus BASIC

Our specialists notify you whenever an infected machine is discovered.


Antivirus PRO

Our specialists take over the management of the Antivirus software and also handle the security updates of Microsoft, Apple and Linux systems and the company’s main applications. When an infected machine is discovered, we remotely take action with a proactive approach to remove the threat.


Antivirus FSS

In addition to providing the services of our PRO Package, our specialists take action to remove the threat when an infected machine is detected, even on site if necessary.


Receiving spam messages can lead to loss of personal productivity as well as compromise system security and integrity.

Email messages that appear to be harmless or even credible but actually contain potentially destructive viruses or click fraud functions, are more and more common nowadays.

Our development is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Antispam solution based on Libra ESVA software. Libra ESVA is a worldwide-leading company in the development and supply of advanced email security solutions.

By choosing Libra ESVA, our service is deployed from two Data Centers, both with a Level 4 (Tier IV) rating.


Active-Active Cluster Solution

The solution uses two equal Libra ESVA nodes in a dual clustering setup, where each node is in a Level 4 (Tier IV) rated Data Center.


Malware Detection

Thanks to the use of ClamAV (Cisco) and advanced sandboxing technology, this Solution can effectively detect the most common types of malware – including ransomware – in circulation today.

Web Filter

A growing number of websites are compromised through the injection of malicious code. All types of viruses, malware and ransomware use skillful techniques to compromise the integrity of a system. And the entire company feels the effects.
This is why every company should employ a Web Filtering solution able to protect the information system from the threats lurking online.


Feel completely safe when browsing the Internet

With Cisco Umbrella, our Web Filtering Solution, all traffic directed to the Internet can be analyzed. If it runs into a dangerous DNS domain or IP address, Umbrella blocks access.


Advantages of using Cisco Umbrella

  • Manages about 4% of the world’s DNS traffic
  • Takes less than half an hour to identify a new DNS domain or a new IP address on the Internet
  • Takes less than 4 hours to classify the new DNS domain or the new changed IP address

With over 62 security categories, Cisco Umbrella is able to block all access to undesirable websites in real time.

Log Management

Do you have full control over the sensitive data passing through your company networks each day? Employees, whether working from home or the office, need proactive monitoring to avoid incurring fines and penalties for breaches of the GDPR (EC Regulation 2016/679).

That’s not all: there are multiple data security-related risks and they are constantly evolving.

A network administrator can gather all the events happening on each individual machine, pinpointing the action or user triggering them. Satisfies GDPR requirements for administrator log management.


Our Service

The Log Management service can gather the logs generated by all the operating systems, lending itself to manage your specific company needs in the best way.

Your company’s Security Management or customer Data Processor will have the possibility to review System Administrator access reports and data autonomously. Our staff will provide the proper training and instructions to work with the Solution.

Mobile Device Management

Our Mobile Device Management or MDM service is based on a collaboration with Kaspersky Lab, a world leader in security solutions. The service allows managing and securing mobile devices (Android and iOS).

Additionally, with MDM, users can be provided with a restricted area on their devices to use for company applications, enabling them to keep personal and company data separate.

Other advantages of Mobile Device Management include:

  • Tracing a device in case of theft or loss
  • Restoring or “wiping” a device back to factory settings
  • Identifying who stole a device (mug shot)
  • Encrypting data stored on the device
  • Preventing access to certain websites, by URL or categories
  • Installing applications remotely
  • Setting up Wi-Fi networks
  • Preventing device jailbreaks
  • Preventing installation of unauthorized applications
  • Installing an antivirus on Android devices

Learn more about this service.