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Our Cyber Security Specialists have selected the best Endpoint Protection products on the market to manage your IT threats.

Managing your Endpoint Security with maximum efficiency is possible.

The CYBEROO Cyber Security Specialists provide a specifically structured service for your business, selecting specific, latest-generation technologies. We have gone beyond conventional Endpoint Security products. For you, a management service that analyses and controls the tools and data originating from your basic security systems, but with the vision of a Cyber Security Specialist.


The Antivirus Service outsources the management and maintenance of IT security for all your IT infrastructure. Our specialist staff directly manage the company antivirus, distributing Microsoft upgrades and application security patches. The Antivirus Service includes three types of packages, depending on your operational requirements: Base, PRO, FSS.


Antivirus BASE

Our specialist staff inform you when infected workstations are detected.


Antivirus PRO

In addition to managing the Antivirus programme, our specialist staff manage security upgrades for Microsoft, Apple and Linux systems and the main company applications. If an infected workstation is reported, we pro-actively intervene remotely to remove the threat.


Antivirus FSS

In addition to managing the services provided in the PRO package, our specialist staff actively proceed to remove the threat from an infected workstation, intervening on site if required.

Email Security

The receipt of harmful emails can lead to a loss of staff productivity, as well as depriving the systems of their security and integrity. Emails that seem harmless or even authoritative but which are in fact carriers of potentially destructive viruses or aimed at user fraud are more and more frequent.

We have developed a Email Security Software as a Service (SaaS) Solution based on the Libra ESVA programme. Libra ESVA is a leading Italian company in the development and provision of advanced email security solutions. Choosing Libra ESVA, we have developed our service at two Data Centers, both with Rating IV.


Active-Active Cluster Solution

This Solution involves the use of two Libra ESVA joint nodes, in Active-Active Cluster mode, where each node is at a data center with Rating IV.


Malware Detection

Using ClamAV (Cisco) and advanced sandboxing solutions, the Solution is able to effectively identify the main malware in circulation, including ransomware.

Web Filter

The number of websites compromised by the intrusion of malware codes is rising constantly. Viruses, malware and ransomware of all kinds are able to compromise the integrity of a system and, often, the whole company suffers. This is why companies should adopt a Web Filtering solution to protect their IT system from threats on the Internet.


Access the Internet
in total safety

With Cisco Umbrella, our Web Filtering Solution, it is possible to analyse all the traffic to the Internet. If a DNS domain or IP is found to be hazardous, Cisco Umbrella blocks access to it.


The strengths
of Cisco Umbrella
  • It manages around 4% of global DNS traffic
  • impiega meno di mezz’ora ad individuare un nuovo dominio DNS o un nuovo indirizzo IP presente in Internet
  • It takes less than half an hour to identify a new DNS domain or new IP address on the Internet

With over 62 categories, Cisco Umbrella is able to block all accesses to undesirable websites in real time.

Mobile Device Management

The Mobile Device Management service manages and ensures the security of mobile devices (Android and iOS). It also provides users with a reserved area on their device to enter the company applications, offering the possibility to separate personal data from company data.

In particular, with the Mobile Device Management service, it is possible to:

  • Track a device in the event of loss or theft
  • Restore a device to its default settings (wipe)
  • Identify the person who stole a device (mug shot)
  • Encrypt the data stored on the device
  • Prevent access to certain websites, both by direct URL and category
  • Install applications remotely
  • Configure the Wi-Fi network
  • Prevent device tampering (jailbreak)
  • Prevent the installation of unauthorised applications
  • Install an antivirus programme on Android devices