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We improve your corporate IT security posture by monitoring all existing systems and services within your IT ecosystem.

Next Generation

Intelligent Detection


The service is built upon an Intelligent Detection platform that collects and correlates data and logs from security applications already existing within your IT ecosystem. This approach aids in the prevention and mitigation of potential cyberattacks.

Internal Security

An MDR service addresses some of the most serious issues faced by modern companies when it comes to their protection: skills, time, money. With the Cypeer service, we offer a complete picture of your company’s internal IT security posture. This focus is aimed at preventing threats and attacks on your system, facilitated by a team of dedicated experts available to you 24/7.

Complete protection for all your devices:

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“By 2025, 60% of organisations will be actively using remote threat disruption and containment capabilities delivered directly by MDR providers, up from 30% today.”


Cybersecurity specialists continuously monitor the company’s network and endpoint data, running checks to look for specific intrusion indicators and prioritizing threats.


Attacks suffered as a result of unprepared company personnel


IT personnel ignoring attacks due to false positives


People: Deep & Dark Web monitoring

When a potential threat is identified and prioritized, our highly trained i-SOC (Intelligence Security Operations Centre) team investigates the origin and scope of the attack. Here are the levels:


Artificial Intelligence

Receives, manages and classifies a large number of alerts generated by security systems, eliminating false positives.


Cyber Security Analyst

Cybersecurity analysts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to investigate the generated alerts.


Cyber Security Specialist

Specialists possessing vertical expertise in individual solutions. They provide support and assistance to analysts requiring specialised product investigations.


Expert Cyber Security Specialist

Vertical personnel highly specialised in investigative and incident response activities.


After the analysis phase, the specialists promptly notify the company of the incident, providing a comprehensive report on its causes, mitigation recommendations and toolkits to help the organisation manage the situation.



Ransomware attacks that take place overnight or on the weekend

CYPEER at a glance


Ease of deployment
& integration

Seamlessly integrates all existing IT systems and offers a comprehensive view through multi-tenant dashboards.


Cypeer agent
& cypher probe

An effective and proactive agent collaborates with a probe that monitors network traffic.


Intelligent automatic detection

Security events are correlated and filtered by artificial intelligence to identify only those requiring further examination. This significantly reduces false positives and improves the efficiency of i-SOC operations and response times.


Early threats detection

The integration of the customer’s complete technology stack (EDR, Network + Cloud, Industrial, Mail Server, DNS, and so on) enables the immediate detection of malicious behaviour or attack patterns, also through global and custom Indicators of Compromise.



Cypeer automatically identifies new vulnerabilities in applications, systems and internal services. An optional Log Management Module identifies Log-in, Log-out, and Log-fails to meet compliance requirements.

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