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Data Center

We analyze and manage your IT infrastructure, identifying critical situations and ensuring your Data Center is running efficiently and is ready for Business Continuity at all times.

Our team of experts monitors and manages the entire Data Center in a proactive way. Focus on what you know how to do best.

We centralize infrastructure management and protection of corporate data in our NOC, giving you the assurance of Business Continuity.

Data Center Management

We check and analyze physical or virtual servers, NAS, SAN, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, applications, services, and domains in order to identify malfunctions that could harm the infrastructure. We assess the workload trend for each system and understand how to evolve your IT infrastructure.


We detect critical events in the system to pinpoint potential problems before they cause damage and/or become irreversible.


In addition, to ensure the overall health of the Data Center, we can send immediate alerts that tangibly impact your Business Continuity.

We work to solve problems with a proactive approach, remotely or locally.

Backup Management

Data is the heart of an IT infrastructure so backing up data is a necessary objective for every company.


Data Centers can be complex and managing data storage and restoration processes can be extremely challenging for IT personnel. The Backup Management service was designed to provide full infrastructure data backup management.


We monitor, check and manage the entire process of backing up your data, that way you will be safe from losing important information for your business!

Backup Client Enterprise

With Backup Client Enterprise you get full management of data backup and restore processes. You won’t have to worry about the operational details, but just consult the summary reports to understand how things are progressing.


We provide you with a backup and restore program that saves the workstation’s files and folders as well as the full content of the workstation’s local disk (image).


In addition to restoring files and folders, the program can also restore the full content of the PC to the same hardware or even to a different hardware (bare-metal restore), provided that it is compatible with the system image to restore.

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