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Data Center

We analyse and manage your IT infrastructure, identifying any critical issues and always guaranteeing the efficiency and Business Continuity of the Data Center.

Focus on what

you do best

We place Cloud applications and infrastructures at your disposal that ensure the highest levels of performance and availability, using the most advanced technologies available on the market. We centralise infrastructure management and company data protection at our NOC to guarantee your Business Continuity.

Data Center Management

We control and analyse physical and virtual servers, NAS, SAN, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, applications, services and domains, in order to identify malfunction that could damage the infrastructure. We check the progress of work loads on each system and understand how to develop your IT infrastructure.

We record any critical events in your systems to identify potential problems before they becomes harmful and/or irreversible.

To ensure the health of the Data Center, we can also send immediate alerts that materially impact your Business Continuity. We work to solve problems pro-actively, both remotely and on site.



Data are the heart of an IT infrastructure: safeguarding them with backups is one of the essential objectives of any company.
The complexity of Data Centers may make data storage and recovery processes extremely burdensome for IT staff. The Backup Management service was designed to guarantee complete infrastructure management for data backups. We monitor, control and manage the whole data storage process, so that you can prevent the loss of important information for your Business!


Client Enterprise

The Backup Client Enterprise service includes the complete management of your data storage and recovery processes, without you having to worry about operational details but simply consulting the summary reports to understand the progress of the service provided.

We provide you with a programme for managing storage (backup) and recovery (restore) processes, that can both save files and folders or the contents of the local disc of the workstation (image).

In addition to recovering files and folders, the programme of activities can also restore the whole contents of the local disc of the workstation, on both the same hardware and on different hardware (bare-metal restore), but compatible with the image of the system to recover.