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We are


We are an Italian company specialized in Cybersecurity.
We monitor your data security, leaving you free to focus on your business.

Protect, guarantee, create, manage. Our 4 “watchtowers” stand over your business, acting as guardians to protect your information. From our bastions, we place your Business at the centre of our Mission: managing security, simplifying complexity, preserving performance.

Cyber crime

never sleeps.

And neither do we!

Our Headquarters are in Reggio Emilia, our operations in Italy and abroad, with a global radius of action. Ensuring total protection and assistance, we work to the highest, uncompromising professional standards.

Like superheroes.

Cyber Security vendor to be listed on the Italian Stock Exchange


and only Italian company appointed as a Gartner “Representative Vendor”


Advanced proprietary technologies


Sites in EMEA


Highly qualified employees are part of Cyberoo


Expert Cyber Security Specialists Teams


New customers every year
We protect you round the clock

Our values

We know that great powers hold great responsibilities. This is why the data demonstrating our success are the result of actions driven by precise ideals.

Our technologies and experts continuously monitor and analyse the facets of your Business, to keep your information safe, simplify complexity and protect performance.

1 People

We are IT professionals, we understand the needs of those who manage IT infrastructures and we work with commitment, passion and experience.

2 Honesty

We are committed to bringing integrity, the best quality of service and full transparency over times and expectations to our work.

3 Innovation

We explore new worlds and continuously identify the opportunities for designing, developing and promoting effective solutions.

4 Efficiency

We focus on productivity, making constant improvements and rapidly tackling the challenges of an evolving market.

History, evolution

and growth

2008 / Start-up

Cyberoo’s history began in 2008 with the birth of the AT Store, a company specialised in device sales.
In August of the same year, Sedoc Digital Group, the historical IT company founded in Emilia in 1973, acquired 51% of the shares in AT, concluding the acquisition in April 2010.

2011 / Printing management

In December 2011, AT Store purchased a branch of the Sedoc Digital Group and began Printing Management, a new service for managing and monitoring printers in partnership with HP.

2015 / Managed service provider

In 2015, AT Store became a Managed Service Provider (MSP), a company providing IT management and monitoring services, also on a remote basis.

2016 / Ukraine Hub

In 2016 the first Hub was opened in Ukraine to extend the focus to Managed Security Services.

2017 / Faxploit Attacks

2017 was a turning point. The multi-function printer became a tool for attacking devices connected to the local network by running malicious codes.

After the “Faxploit” hacker attack, the company changes business model and becomes a Managed Security Service Solution (MSSP), and subsequently a Cyber Security solution, extending the services to the management, monitoring and protection of the customer’s whole IT infrastructure, thus specialising in the provisions of IT security services.

2018 / CYBEROO Lab

CYBEROO Lab was born in 2018: a network of proprietary technological HUBs established with the aim of creating smart and competitive solutions for the international market, supporting security and business continuity.

2019 / New solutions and IPO

In 2019 the company changed its name to Cyberoo S.p.A., launching 3 innovative solutions on the market: Cypeer and Cyber Security Intelligence (CSI), which make up the Cyber Security Suite, and the Titaan Suite, which in turn has three modules (Titaan Atlaas, Titaan Croono and Titaan Hyperioon).

On 7 October 2019, Cyberoo was listed on Euronext Growth Milan (former AIM Italia), the Borsa Italiana stock exchange reserved for SMEs, and was the first cyber security company to be listed on Piazza Affari.

In December 2019, Cyberoo signed an agreement with the University of Ternopil, “Ivan Puluj National Technical University” in Ukraine, focusing on research and development and the selection of the best cyber security talents. Cyberoo agreed an innovative training programme with the University, investing heavily in human resources. Consistently with the programmes and topics agreed with the University, Cyberoo made available a number of internships and study grants, aiming to select the best resources and guarantee the progressive growth of specialist cyber security.

2021 / Partnerships and recognitions

In April 2021, Cyberoo also launched a cooperation as a member of the Steering Committee of the Degree Programme in “Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship” at the Faculty of Economics and Law of the Sacro Cuore Catholic University, Cremona campus. Cyberoo thus aimed to define, with the Catholic University, new fields of research focusing on technology transfer in the IT security field, by raising awareness among young people and helping to train highly specialised IT resources.

On 27 July, Cyberoo completed the acquisition of 51% of Cyber Division S.r.l., the Novara-based company specialised in Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Tests and Ethical Hacking, as well as Incident Response.

On 25 October, Cyberoo was appointed “Representative Vendor” in the “2021 Gartner Market Guide For MDR Services”, the most important and authoritative international research on IT security service management. The first and only Italian company to obtain this title.

For Gartner, Cyberoo and its MDR solutions (the innovative Cyber Security Suite, with Cypeer and CSI services) therefore perfectly reflect all the technical requirements needed to provide this kind of service, on a par with only a handful of other international vendors, mostly from the USA.

2022 / New solutions and internationalisation

In the summer of 2022, Cyberoo announced to the market and its partners the new MDR (Managed Detection & Response) that integrates enhanced and pioneering Automatic Remediation functions, thus paving a new way for business cyber security. A major investment, worth around EUR 1.5 million.

Cypeer Pure and Cypeer Sonic are the two configurations of the new MDR that works by making significant recourse to artificial intelligence and machine learning, marking yet another important change of pace for Response and Automatic Remediation activities.

The HMI, already using in the detection field thanks to the joint work of i-SOC analysts and artificial intelligence, now also extends to response services, to manage events requiring instant interventions as effectively and rapidly as possible.

In addition the CSI (Cyber Security Intelligence) platform now also implements a “Supply Scanner”. The new feature is able to passively monitor the exposure of services and applications to the Internet, identifying the presence of vulnerabilities and highlighting any infrastructural criticalities to the advantage of all operators working in the supply chain.

In July, Cyberoo resumed its internationalisation process, taking its solutions to the German market. The launch in Germany was made possible by the distributor partner ICOS.

The business abroad, which will also use the strategic support of Gartner, was launched as planned through local distribution, then looking to expand sales through M&As, as it did in Italy.

In September, Cyberoo was reconfirmed as a major international player in the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services segment. Gartner cited Cyberoo as one of the 50 top companies in the world specialised in this specific segment.

For Gartner, MDR is one of the most dynamic sectors in the cybersecurity market. With a 48.9% increase from 2020 to 2021, Managed Detection and Response services should reach their maximum dissemination in the next five years.

2023 / Confirmations and new frontiers of excellence

On 17 January, Cyberoo set up Cyberoo Docetz S.r.l., aiming to speed up the company’s structural growth and offer even better responses to its cyber security and business consulting activities.
In February, for the second time, Cyberoo was confirmed “Representative Vendor” in Gartner’s prestigious “Market Guide For MDR Services 2023”, thanks to the quality of its proprietary suite, the new Cypeer Sonic service and its investments in Automatic Remediation. With this accreditation, Cyberoo is confirmed as one of the big international advanced Cybersecurity players and the only Italian company among 12 in Europe and 50 worldwide.
On 23 May, the new headquarters in Poland was inaugurated: yet another important i-SOC (intelligence Security Operation Center), strengthening the level II i-SOC activities, with a large group of cyber specialists working to support the Group’s operations 24/7. The new scalable model ensures a further improvement in the service to customers, allowing Cyberoo to support the constant growth of its customers who rely more and more on the Cyberoo MDR (Managed Detection and Response) services.

Cyberoo People

We aim to anticipate the future.
To do this, we focus on people, their qualities, contributions and the diversity of each one, to overcome the challenges we want to face every day.

Become a Partner, join the Cyberoo Black Club.

The Cyberoo Black Club is a community of companies collaborating with us to defend and protect every kind of business. Our Partner Program is constantly expanding: Partners who choose to join become invaluable allies in our ability to combat and ward off cyber attacks and threats.



Customer satisfaction and peace of mind is the first guarantee of the quality of our work. But certifications are also important: ISO27001 certification guarantees that risk management in the chain of services we offer is controlled and correctly assured.

Advanced monitoring systems, as well as conventional defence tools, are needed to obtain this.