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Cyber Security

Advisory & VCISO

It is important to adopt a solid IT security strategy to prevent your business from being vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Have you ever thought how much a data breach could cost you?

The consequences can be very costly and harmful to your company, in terms of both fines and loss of customers and reputation.

39 s
Time between one attack and another, every day
277 days
Time to identify a breach around the world

$4.54 mln

Average cost of a data breach around the world


Average cost per lost record

Sources: online public news


the figure you need

vCISO is the ideal figure for helping you to think strategically and create tailored processes to protect your organisation.

This security expert analyses the processes and technologies of your company, assesses the risks of your business and implements a cyber security strategy.

They provide continuous support for managing data security, preventing breaches and guaranteeing the protection of your organisation. Furthermore, with a vCISO you will save precious time as you don’t have to take on the responsibility of managing a whole team of experts.

Why would you need a vCISO?


The vCISO supports you in various activities, depending on your needs of the results of the preventive risk assessment, including:

  • The mapping of the business and its IT services
  • Environment census (infrastructures and IT and OT services)
  • Risk Assessment
  • Definition of security procedures and policies
  • BCP/DRP analysis and required metrics (MTO, RTO, RPO)
  • Analysis of incident response procedures
  • Definition of a work plan based on priorities
  • Gap analysis
  • Remediation & hardening plan
  • Definition of KPIs


Highly skilled

with technical knowledge and extensive experience in IT security.

In-depth analytical

to identify and precisely assess IT risks and threats.


to the customer’s specific requirements, guaranteeing a high-quality and reliable service.