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We are Cyberoo. Disruptive and reliable.
A shield of pioneering technologies and a human soul of professionals at your service. To ensure that your data are protected at all times, leaving you the freedom to focus on what you do best: manage your Business.

Board members

Fabio Leonardi


Massimo Bonifati


Davide Cignatta

Chief Commercial Officer

Veronica Leonardi

CMO & Investor Relator

Head of Development

Matteo Ghiotto

AI Developer Director

Roberto Veca

Head of Cyber Security


We aim to anticipate the future, and to do this we focus on people, their qualities and the contributions of them all, helping us to overcome the challenges we aim to tackle. Passion and determination are fundamental for us to create something unique, innovative and disruptive.

Multidisciplinarity and diversity are values to be supported at Cyberoo. We believe that differences are a strength, precious resources for achieving common goals, all together.

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