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We guarantee GDPR compliance, the inalterability of the data and logs gathered using Blockchain technology. We identify events occurring on the Active Directory.

Why choose the

Titaan Suite?

It upturns the paradigm of classic monitoring systems. Titaan Suite collects and correlates service logs, applications, virtual servers, server infrastructure and network assets in a single hub.

Conformity with the monitored regulations

With the spread of thousands of personal data in different places, it is important to ensure the security of regulated data using GDPR conformity solutions.

Why risk fines of up to 4% of your turnover? Comply with the European directives on the processing of personal data and Privacy.  




The technical opinion on Titaan Neemesi confirms that the software meets all the security requirements. The solution was developed following the principles of Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default, guaranteeing full data inalterability.

Advisor and Director of the National Privacy and IT Security Observatory

Need more information?

Our team will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information to guide you on your path to data protection, assisting you in strengthening your company’s protection barriers.

Titaan Neemesi in short


Admin Logs

It gathers domain administrator and local administrator logs to check faults in the frequency and methods of access.


Log Extra Active Directory

It provides a consolidated audit of a wide variety of IT systems, including Linux, Cloud (Amazon, Azure, Google) in Agent or Agentless mode.


Best Practice Analyzer

It highlights the Microsoft recommended procedures and guidelines relating to the roles and services provided by the company infrastructure servers.


Active Directory Report

Helps to identify specific problems on the Active Directory, providing an overview of the existing infrastructure through the identification and summary of its components.


File Integrity – ADD-ON

Used to track the operations effected on company files and those who have access to them, in order to protect the company know-how.

What Titaan Suite gives you

Prevention and reduction of the costs of system inefficiencies
user-friendly, real-time reporting dashboard
Continuous monitoring of every device using artificial intelligence
Automatic alerts in the event of faults, and minimisation of false positives

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