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Titaan Atlaas
IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Atlaas is the Titaan suite module that integrates performance monitoring of your services, applications, systems and usage metrics into one single dashboard. It pinpoints anomalies and critical situations in your IT ecosystem.

Titaan Suite – Atlaas

Broken up into three modules – Atlaas, Croono and Hyperioon, Titaan represents the evolution of IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM) systems, better defined as System Behavior Analyzers.

Titaan Atlaas correlates data from services, applications, servers, network assets and any other element in the IT infrastructure, using Artificial Intelligence to pinpoint anomalies and issues.

This provides an integrated monitoring, diagnosis and remediation experience that does away with system inefficiencies and reduces costs.
titaan suite

Why monitor the IT infrastructure?

Large volumes of all kinds of data, created at increasingly higher speeds

It’s becoming more and more challenging for IT Departments to detect and manage infrastructure inefficiencies. The increasing volumes of data, the multiple types of data, and the ever higher speeds at which data is being created run counter to the need to cut costs and simplify processes.

Don’t let downtime drag you down

Anomalies and inefficiencies in the systems making up the IT infrastructure can cost your organization more than money. They can cost you customers, reputation and even work. Having a solution that provides a holistic vision of the infrastructure together with detailed views of each individual component, is crucial to proactively tackle problems and reduce the time to detect, investigate and restore failures (MTTF – MTTR).

Too many false positives

Conventional monitoring platforms are based on static thresholds, not on the machine’s behavior via artificial intelligence. This causes a high number of false positive alarms which, in turn, complicates things for the staff, who might overlook a real threat.

Less time to troubleshoot and repair (MTTR)

Less noise from false positive alerts

CYBEROO’s IT monitoring


Now you can have a complete view of your IT infrastructure: services, applications, virtual servers, infrastructure, network assets, and much more. Everything from just one platform, providing you an integrated monitoring, problem-solving and alert experience.


Thanks to artificial intelligence, alerts are sent only in case of an anomaly. This means no time wasted analyzing false positives. With Titaan Atlaas, you can automatically pinpoint the severity level of the alerts and increase the productivity of your IT team.


Monitors the performance of your infrastructure by entity. All performance metrics are in real-time, including CPU, network, memory, disk, system load, customized dimensions, and much more. Monitors single entities or entity groups. Use the drill-down to examine details or solve issues.


Titaan Atlaas has a specific module to ensure compliance with GDPR regulations, monitoring and recording the events from each single machine and in the active directory. It also provides the option to set up alerts in case of abnormal behavior and changes deviating from company policy.

Titaan Atlaas – the evolution in IT Infrastructure Monitoring

⚪Integrates real-time monitoring of your services, systems and applications into the machine’s usage metrics.

⚪Through AI, it identifies deviations from normal behavior in your IT ecosystem and sends proactive alerts.

⚪It ensures GDPR compliance and that data and collected logs remain unalterable, as required by law, using Blockchain technology

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Learn more about Titaan suite to monitor your IT infrastructure.