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Titaan Hyperioon

Hyperioon is the Titaan suite module specifically designed to ensure the uptime of critical IT systems with the potential to compromise your business. It takes advantage of artificial intelligence technology to manage the inefficiencies of your business-critical systems in a proactive and predictive manner and with a never-before-seen level of detail.

Titaan Suite – Hyperioon

Broken up into three modules – Atlaas, Croono and Hyperioon, Titaan represents the evolution of IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM) systems, better defined as System Behavior Analyzers.

For IT operations, artificial intelligence (AIOps) uses big data and automatic learning to optimize the IT environment. Titaan Hyperioon AIOps helps to preserve the integrity of the services and infrastructure by transforming data into events and performance into priority alerts.

This provides an integrated monitoring, diagnosis and remediation experience that does away with system inefficiencies and reduces costs.
titaan suite

Why monitor the IT infrastructure?

Large volumes of all kinds of data, created at increasingly higher speeds

It’s becoming more and more challenging for IT Departments to detect and manage infrastructure inefficiencies. The increasing volumes of data, the multiple types of data, and the ever higher speeds at which data is being created run counter to the need to cut costs and simplify processes.

Don’t let downtime drag you down

Anomalies and inefficiencies in the systems making up the IT infrastructure can cost your organization more than money. They can cost you customers, reputation and even work. Having a solution that provides a holistic vision of the infrastructure together with detailed views of each individual component, is crucial to proactively tackle problems and reduce the time to detect, investigate and restore failures (MTTF – MTTR).

Too many false positives

Conventional monitoring platforms are based on static thresholds, not on the machine’s behavior via artificial intelligence. This causes a high number of false positive alarms which, in turn, complicates things for the staff, who might overlook a real threat.

Less time to troubleshoot and repair (MTTR)

Less noise from false positive alerts



Use predictive analysis and Machine Learning to stop reacting to incidents and start anticipating them. Reduce IT complexity with an integrated solution that manages events, alerts and incident response. Predictive monitoring is a distinct functionality of Hyperioon that queries the system for an infrastructure degradation projection up to eight weeks into the future.


Thanks to Root Cause Analysis (RCA), technicians will already know what triggered the anomaly and, therefore, exactly where and how to intervene. By directing the IT Department toward the real anomalies in their systems, Hyperioon leaves the team more time to concentrate on activities that add value to the company.


The APM – Application Monitoring – module ensures your software is performing at its highest levels. Constant monitoring of the system allows managing application performance and availability. This leads to fast response times and satisfied customers and staff members. Hyperioon saves you the work of interpreting problem events and directs you to the component that may be causing the performance issue or inefficiencies. Repairing, accelerating and optimizing your servers and software applications have never been easier.


Hyperioon monitors the infrastructure servers by sending anomaly-related alerts on: CPUs, processes and idle machine time. It autonomously assigns a severity level showing the extent to which the machine is deviating from the standard behavior model observed on that specific machine. It can identify real system anomalies, alerting the IT Department right away whenever there is indication of degrading.

Titaan Hyperioon – AIOps

Hyperioon is the Titaan suite module that harnesses the power of the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies in order to handle the inefficiencies of your business critical systems in a proactive and predictive way and with a never-before-seen level of detail.

⚪Using artificial intelligence, it identifies deviations from normal behavior in your IT ecosystem and sends proactive alerts.

⚪Machine Learning algorithms run an detailed Root Cause Analysis, pinpointing what caused the issue or loss of performance and, as a result, saving IT operations time.

⚪The APM module analyzes and identifies the individual code lines behind a service or application slowdown.

⚪Artificial intelligence is able to predict correct running of systems up to 8 weeks.

predictive monitoring

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