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Titaan Hyperioon

The solution is studied to guarantee the uptime of your critical IT systems that can compromise your business.
For the more complex customers that have the business continuity of the business-critical systems close to their heart. It is a strictly cloud based service that has truly elevated computing power. It is not only proactive but also predictive, capable of doing forecasts and notify us about potential problems up to 2 months in advance.
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What distinguishes Titaan Hyperion from other solutions on the market is:


It can detect when a system or machine begins to degrade (slow performance) with a 70 second delay and proactively warns.
It prevents malfunctions.


It circumscribes the problem based on the correlation of one or more metrics. Monitors the assumed values ​​of the metrics, and the current values. Identify who and how it is causing malfunction.


It carries out a predictive analysis on the sizing of the machine for up to 8 weeks. It is able to communicate what will happen in the event of any anomalies on the machine, learning the typical confidence interval of the specific machine.


The analytical level of detail and depth of Titaan Hyperioon complements each other with the comprehensive and complete view of Titaan Atlaas.

Titaan Hyperioon adapts itself perfectly to all entities and business servers that present business critical services, guaranteeing a noticeable saving of time when it comes to identifying problems and accidents.

It offers complete visibility in a complex infrastructure, offering granular performance monitoring and data that save invaluable time and money in solving problems.

Insights and intelligence for daily operations and business strategy.


The application performance monitoring tool provides all the necessary data to the business administrators, to identify, isolate and resolve rapidly all the problems that could have an effect on the performance of an application.

Sometimes the malfunction of a single application affects the performance of the entire ecosystem.

Through the use of AI, it is capable of understanding every single delay alert and in case of an errori t can even show the precise line of code.


It takes advantage of an UNSUPERVISED AI: that means it only needs the data, it learns by itself, it creates a system behavior model and adopts it. It is capable of stabilizing accidents.
It intervenes when the machine starts to show deviations from the usual behavior, signaling only the real anomalies and not the so-called false positives.

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