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Titaan Croono

Croono can be integrated with Titaan Atlaas and represents the network asset inventory of the business infrastructure.

One of the principal necessities of the network system is usually the monitoring of the various devices that constitute the network that it administers.
The network hardware is sometimes located in places that are difficult to reach and with this module it is possible to easily track them down and gather information about them.
This simplifies the normal department operability that deals with business network management.


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Device and vendor list, Device quantity, Firmware Version, IP Address, Serial number and Mac Address; View first and latest access, Uptime (for how long has the device been active), SSA Link for the device management, Fan and power supply monitoring.


Identifies the applications and servers that utilize the band; Avoids performance bottle necks; Reduces costs by allowing to buy bandwidth and hardware based on the actual load.


Croono is able to automatically draw the network topology, identifying nodes, connections and transfer speeds.
For each device the total number of ports available for that specific switch, how many are in use how many we have decided to switch off and how many are still free.

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