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Titaan Atlaas

Combining the incoming data from the services with the usage metrics of the machine, Titaan is able to detect the behavior of the machine and to identify immediately when it starts to drift from its usual behavior.
Atlaas allows for the integration and therefore monitoring of third-party applications that the customer already has in the company.


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cyberoo smart monitoring titaan atlaas


Thanks to Titaan Atlaas it is possible to monitor: Backup, Antivirus, Web Filtering, ERP, CRM, Office 365.

Or personalize insertion evaluation of the already existing applications of the customer.


Monitoring of the REAL TIME computer system on the following metrics: CPU, RAM, processes (active program disk on the operating system), disk, IOPS.
Virtual machine monitoring: the VMs that can be monitored by default by Atlaas are VMware and Hyper-V.
Systems degradation monitoring thanks to the use of artificial intelligence in a proactive way.

Atlaas is able to concentrate a huge amount of data coming from applications, systems and services, utilizing AI only in its proactive component.


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