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Managed Threat

Cybersecurity Intelligence – CSI – is an OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE-based service provided by our team of Cybersecurity Specialists and Ethical Hackers, who collect and analyze the data from the deep and dark web in order to protect the company’s cybersecurity posture.

By 2024, 40% of medium-sized enterprises will be using MDR providers as their only managed security service

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a proactive and advanced approach to monitoring, detecting, analyzing and responding to harmful network activities or any other cybersecurity breach, fully managed by a security provider.


Artificial Intelligence


I-SOC Team


Alert and Remediation
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Evolving threats
New malware and ransomware variants are designed to move quickly and bypass conventional security checks. They compromise sensitive data assets and disrupt operations before most organizations have a chance to react. Can you keep up?


Creating a dedicated cybersecurity team and keeping it busy can be too costly, both in time and money. Do you have the resources to handle a security incident swiftly?


Finding, training and retaining expert cybersecurity professionals has become a great obstacle for companies of all sizes. Do you have the vertical skills it takes to analyze your system data?

Ransomware attacks happen at night or over the weekend

Companies without an Incident Response plan

Attacks due to unprepared company staff

IT staff ignoring attacks due to false positives


CSI is a Threat Intelligence service that provides valuable information that can impact the company’s information security and help to raise awareness about the risks, as well as the technological and fraudulent threats, lurking online. By navigating the Deep and Dark Web, Threat Intelligence service can determine that an incident – a data breach, for example – has occurred before other signals detect it.

threat intelligence

24/7 Security

You get complete and non-stop security at a fraction of the cost of creating and maintaining an in-house team and framework.

Deep & Dark Web monitoring

A team gathers and analyzes data from the Deep and Dark Web in order to protect the digital security inside and outside the company.

Data breach and fraud detection

A data breach identification system to check if company credentials and files have been exposed. A domain checker that checks if there are fraud attempts in progress.


How the protection system and the I-SOC team work

CSI and Cypeer – for comprehensive protection
Our service is designed to close the cybersecurity skill gap in organizations. It tackles the advanced threats that an in-house IT team would be unable to fully deal with and at a much lower cost than the company would incur to create its own team of security specialists.

What does I-SOC mean?

All CSI and CYPEER. services are supported by an I-SOC (Intelligence – Security Operation Center) team of cybersecurity specialists. The team is composed of about 50 cybersecurity specialists located throughout Italy as well as abroad, for more effective analysis of foreign language data and information. All three skill levels and verticalization are covered: Ethical hackers, Incident Response Team and specialists in various technologies.

How does the I-SOC Team act?

The I-SOC Team is in charge of managing and monitoring the notifications received from CSI and/or Cypeer, without disruption. While CSI and Cypeer already provide detailed and timely notifications, the technicians lend their more refined analysis and management, more than any technological tool could ever deliver. This is especially true when it comes to false positives.

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