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Managed Services


We offer a vast range of services, capable of satisfying the specific needs of your infrastructure. You can custom your offer in order to manage every aspect of your ecosystem.
Our team of experts monitors and manages proactively the entire infrastructure 24/7/365, in order to let you focus on your core business, knowing for certain that your technology is always secure and reliable.


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Datacenter Management

At our NOC we centralize the management of the infrastructures and the protection of our client’s data, in order to guarantee the business continuity thanks to the proven experience and expertise of out specialists, that monitor our customer’s systems 24/7/365.

Cloud Management

We make infrastructures and cloud applications available to our clients that guarantee highest performance and availability, thanks to the most innovative technologies available on the market. Our Cloud Services can reduce infrastructure costs, provide virtually unlimited scalability and agility, and accelerate the time-to-market, as well as elevate the level of security and compliance.

Device Management

We implement the management and monitoring using systems based on artificial intelligence, that are able to detect events of every arranged device in the client’s network, guaranteeing maximum operational efficiency in order to safeguard the user’s operability.


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Datacenter Management

We control and analyze physical and virtual servers, NAS, SAN, Switch, Router, Firewall, applications, services and domains, in order to detect malfunctions that can damage the infrastructure. We verify the evolution of the workload of each system and help the customer evolve their IT infrastructure.

Thanks to our solution it is possible to recognize critical system events, in order to identify potential problems before they become damaging and/or irreversible.

In addition to that, in order to ensure the safety of the IT infrastructure, you may receive immediate alarms that impact tangibly on the business continuity of the company.

We operate proactively on the problem solution, remotely or on-site.

Data Center Management – BASIC Monitoring
Management of the Data Center without proactive intervention, both remotely and on-site.

Data Center Management – PRO Monitoring
In addition to the base monitoring, it includes remote proactive interventions. If a system malfunction is detected or a potentially dangerous situation, our specialists intervene remotely to resolve the problem.

Data Center Management – FFS Monitoring
In addition to the basic monitoring, it includes a proactive local intervention. If a system malfunction, or a potentially dangerous situation is detected, our specialists intervene on-site to resolve the problem.

Backup Management

Data is the heart of an IT infrastructure: safeguarding them using backups is part of a company’s inescapable goals.

However, at the present time the complexity of Data Centers can make the management of the data saving and restoring processes an extremely demanding activity for the IT personnel.

The Backup Management Service was designed to guarantee a complete data backup infrastructure management for the client.

We help the IT staff with the backup management.

What we do
The Backup Management Service gives the possibility to monitor, control and manage the entire process of data saving, as well as running all eventual restore demands.

We are at your disposal 24/7
Whichever requirement you may have, regarding the data or virtual machine saving/restoring processes, you can contact our highly qualified staff.

Prevent the loss of business-essential information

In order to guarantee an always complete and state of the art management, we provide the client with the Commavault program.

Backup in Cloud

The Cloud Backup allows you to save both your company data, as well as your virtual servers, and to have them always available.

Our Cloud Backup Solution suits all our clients, regardless of the company’s dimension and of the backup software used. Unlike the ordinary backup management, thanks to our infrastructure you can access your data at any time.

Access your saved data anytime.

The Service
The Cloud Backup Service allows our clients to make copies of their data and virtual machines in our Cloud infrastructure, that is positioned in a Tier IV Data Center. The success of the data archiving process constantly monitored by our specialists and guarantees the client a first level of disaster recovery.

Market leading solution
For the provision of the service we utilize the software Commvault, leader in the magical Gartner quadrant.

At your disposal 24/7
Our Cloud Backup Service is active 24/7. The operators are at the client’s disposal from 8.30am – 6.30pm, from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Backup Client Enterprise

The Backup Client Enterprise service offers complete management control over the data saving and restoring processes, without the client having to worry about operational details but consulting merely the synthesis reports in order to comprehend the evolution of the provided service.

What we do
The Backup Client Enterprise service provides a program for the execution of backup and restore processes, capable of saving existing files and folders on a given workstation, and even the whole content of the workstation’s hard drive.

Furthermore, the program is not only capable of restoring files and folders, it can restore the whole hard drive content of the workstation, both on the same hardware and on a different hardware (bare-metal restore), compatible with the image of the system that needs to be restored.


The IaaS Service (Infrastructure as a Service) creates a highly reliable Cloud infrastructure that is completely managed by our specialists. Based on the Hypervisor VMware, the service guarantees a Private Cloud, where computational resources are made available for the client. All in a shared network located in a Datacenter with certified Level IV rating.
The IaaS Service is the ideal solution for start-ups and PMIs, by allowing them to remove the necessity of hardware investments while testing new ideas.

High reliability
The systems are based on machines equipped with high availability and capability network connections, aggregated to form redundant clusters.

Scalability and guaranteed resources
The Private Cloud environment can scale vertically without any limitation. The provided HW resources do not present overbooking situations and are physically guaranteed.

Maximum performance
The CPUs are based on latest generation processors, the storage can be “tiering SSD” or “full FLASH”, and the internet connection does not foresee any pay-as-you-go rate.

Service Desk

The service Desk has the goal to help the client resolve and prevent everyday problems, that a user might has with the assets. It guarantees the monitoring the workspace’s hardware, the distribution of the Microsoft Updates, and the Update of the main personal productivity programs.

For the remote control and the creation of the hardware and software inventory of the workspaces, the Autotask Endpoint Management program is used.

Service Desk BASIC
A SPOC (Single Point Of Contract) service is supplied to the client, that receives the requests (tickets) and registers them inside the call management program. Thereafter it assigns those requests to the client’s IT staff, that can then access and manage the received tickets within a restricted area.

Service Desk PRO
Includes remote assistance for all employees of the workspace where the contract was activated. The request for assistance can be reported to our Help Center, where a specialized operator will assist them 24/7.

Service Desk FSS
Both remote and on-site assistance is provided 24/7 to all employees that operate at the workspaces where the contract was activated.

Mobile Device Management

The Mobile Device Management Service relies on the partnership with Kaspersky Lab, global leader of security solutions. The Service allows the management and securing of mobile devices (Android and iOS).

It allows furthermore the creation of a restricted area on the user’s devices where business applications can be installed, giving thus the possibility to separate personal data from business data. In particular, thanks to the Mobile Device Management Service, it is possible to:

Track a device in case of theft
Factory reset a device (wipe)
Identify who stole the device (mug shot)
Encrypt all data stored on the device
Block the access to certain websites, both using direct URLs and by category
Install applications remotely
Set up Wi-Fi networks
Prevent the root/jailbreak of a device
Block the installation of unauthorized applications
Install an antivirus software on Android devices

Intervention report
In case of operational intervention, the client will be provided with a report containing the following information:

Ticket ID number;
Name and Surname of the user that submitted the ticket;
Problem description;
Description of the intervention;
Date and hour of the ticket submission;
Date and hour of the ticket closure.