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2. Investors

Investor relations / 2. Investors

27th March 2020 Board of Directors meeting to approve the draft of financial statements and consolidated financial statements closed on 31 December 2019

28th April 2020 and 29th April 2020 Shareholders’ meeting (1° and 2° call) for the approval of the financial statements ended on December 31, 2019

28th September 2020 Board of Directors meeting for the approval of the half-year financial report at June 30, 2020

2.6.1 Capitale sociale

The share capital of Cyberoo S.p.A. subscribed and paid up is equal to Euro 950,000 and is divided into n. 9.500.000 Ordinary Shares without indication of the nominal value.

  • Ordinary shares: n. 9.500.000
  • Minimum trading lot: n. 500 azioni
  • Warrant Cyberoo 2019-2023: n. 1.250.000
  • ISIN Code:
      • ordinary shares: IT0005383671 (*)
      • warrant IT0005383663

    (*) the shares subscribed at the time of placement will be identified with the ISIN code IT0005383689 as they incorporate the right to receive, for uninterrupted possession for 180 days from the date of commencement of negotiations no. 1 warrant for every n. 2 shares subscribed; if the shares are transferred before the aforementioned term, they will take ISIN code IT0005383671 and, in this sense, will not entitle the warrant.

  • Ticker: CYB

2.6.2 Nominated Adviser

Cyberoo S.p.A. has nominated EnVent Capital Markets Ltd as Nominated Adviser.

EnVent Capital Markets Ltd
42 Berkeley Square – London W1J 5AW
Italian Branch, via Barberini 95 – 00187 Roma


The Nominated Adviser assists and supports the issuer AIM Italia, in carrying out the tasks and responsibilities deriving from the Regulation.
2.6.3 Disclosure obligations of significant shareholders

Pursuant to the AIM Italia Regulation, anyone who holds at least 5% of a category of financial instruments of CYBEROO S.p.A. he is a “Significant Shareholder”.
The achievement or exceeding of the thresholds of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 66.6%, and 90%, as well as the reductions below these thresholds, constitute a “Substantial Change” which must be communicated by Significant Shareholders to the administrative body of CYBEROO SpA

To this end, within 5 trading days, starting from the day on which the transaction that led to the Substantial Change was carried out, the Significant Shareholder must communicate to CYBEROO S.p.A.:

  1. The identity of the Significant Shareholders involved;
  2. The date on which CYBEROO S.p.A. has been informed;
  3. The date on which the Substantial Change in the investments took place;
  4. The nature and extent of the participation of the Significant Shareholder in the transaction.

The communication must be made using the attached form, sent in advance via e-mail to amministrazione@pec.cyberoo.com and subsequently sent in original by registered letter to: CYBEROO S.p.A. – Via Brigata Emilia, 37 – Reggio Emilia (RE).

I confirm that I have read and accept the above terms and conditions (mandatory field)

The Shareholders’ Meeting is the body that expresses the will of the shareholders, through resolutions that are taken in accordance with the law and the Articles of Association of Cyberoo S.p.A.

2.7.1 Shareholders’ meeting calls

2.7.2 Notices to shareholders

2.7.3 Minutes of the assemblies