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Security Services

Security Services Suite

CYBEROO offers services that are structured specifically to fit your organization. Our Cyber Security Specialists utilize latest generation technology and products, that we select in order to manage your security with maximum efficiency.
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Web and Asset Security

We took traditional security products and placed them side by side with a management service that analyzes and controls the tools and the data they produce, not in a technical perspective, but with the vision of a cyber security specialist. Furthermore, we believe that a formation and self-study portal is very important for our client’s users, in order to learn about new threats and to make the company’s security even more solid.

Security Assessment

While supporting the business necessities, but also maintaining a high technical profile, CYBEROO supports the customer in the process of identifying vulnerabilities and anomalies, not only of technological nature but also those that are process and logic related. Following this, we offer mitigating activities with the support of highly qualified and specialized employees.


We are Cyberoo.

We are Disruptive. We are Expert. We are Trusty. Cyberoo supports your business with digital skills and international resources at your disposal.


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