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Big data technologies and AI

With the increasing volume of data in IT ecosystems, many professionals find it difficult to adopt a proactive approach when it comes to problem management.
Many are adopting an approach known as AIOps, to challenge the complexity in the IT environment. This approach takes advantage of the Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes in order to proactively resolve the problems that emerge in the IT environment.


The use of artificial intelligence helps not only the IT professionals to overcome the problems, but helps the businesses to avoid interruptions and down-time that affect the sales revenues and jeopardize the customer experience, the business and the brand.

Ones implemented and trained correctly, an AIOps platform reduces the time and the attention of the IT employees that is spend in daily alert routines.

AIOps platforms evolve their knowledge with the help of automatic learning algorithms, improving even more the behavior and efficiency of the software over time. In the IT department, humans can focus on serious and complex questions and on initiatives that increase the performance and stability of the business.


Through the strict collaboration between the brilliant minds of LYB and CYBEROO, it was possible to create and evolve a strong expertise in machine and deep learning. Those where then implemented inside our monitoring platforms, we are talking particularly about Titaan Hyperioon, which is capable of observing causal relations on multiple systems, services and resources, gathering and connecting unpaired data sources. These analytical functions and autonomous learning, allow the software to execute powerful analyses of the main causes, accelerating the problem solving and resolution of complex and unsolved problems.

CYBEROO’s and LYB’s R&D department has worked over time on the development and readapting into their own technical products of:
  • Machine Learning, based on the ARIMA model (autoregressive integrated by mobile media), through which we are able to “train” the software to comprehend the behavior model of the systems or machines that it is analyzing. We managed to reduce the training time from 3 months to 1. Thanks to this model we are able to be proactive, identifying outlayers, that means all those events that deviate from normal behavior and that therefore represent a problem.
  • Deep Learning, by utilizing Keras with backend Tensorflow, we realized an artificial neural network capable of not only understanding the existence of a problem, but also identifying the cause (Root Cause Analysis) and execute a predictive analysis for up to 2 months. Obviously, these techniques require an enormous amount of computing power, which is the reason behind Titaan Hyperioon’s use of GPU and not CPU.