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Senior Pentester

Purple Team - Senior Pentester & Team Leader

We are looking for a “White Hat” to join the Cybersecurity Team led by @RobertoVeca. We want someone who really loves to:

  • Perform penetration tests on computer systems, networks and applications
  • Create new testing methods to identify vulnerabilities
  • Make physical security assessments of systems, servers, IoT, and other network devices to identify areas that require physical protection


Your Experience

  • Manage and organize a team of Pentesters: supporting and managing a local and a remote/distributed team of Pentesters reporting to the property
  • Conduct Tests on Networks and Applications: designing tests and tools to try to break into security-protected applications and networks to probe for vulnerabilities
  • Review Physical Security Assessments: conducting physical assessments of servers, systems, and network device security. You need to be able to look for ways to exploit vulnerabilities and design solutions to security issues
  • Conduct Security Audits: testing methods to pinpoint ways that attackers could exploit weaknesses in security systems
  • Review results about Security Policies analisys: understanding in deep those procedures, making suggestions and working to enhance methodology material
  • Write Security Assessment Reports, discuss solutions with IT teams and present to the customers the progress and results made by the team

The Requirement

  • At least 5 years’ experience in some or all of the activities listed above
  • Knowledge in many operating systems like Windows client and server OS, MAC OSX and Linux is a must
  • Must have extensive knowledge in network security and the latest hacking tools
  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or an advanced diploma in network security is recommended
  • Extensive computer skills and an understanding of networking industry
  • Experienced with cryptography, reverse engineering, web applications, databases, and wireless technologies
  • Certifications like SANS, ISECOM, Offensive Security, EC Council ISC2, CEH, GWAPT, OSCP, OPST, OPSA are helpful

Your Impact

  • Exceptional computer and information security skills to attempt to hack into systems
  • Keep up to date on security software packages and always learning new security protocols and computer technologies that could be exploited
  • Scripting and programming knowledge of a specific programming language and operating system
  • Strong written and oral communication skills to write reports on their assessments and communicate potential weaknesses
  • Problem-solving skills to determine the most effective way to correct issues that arise
  • Data analytics to review data and analyze the processes needed to correct security issues
  • Keep up with the latest methods for ethical hacking and new penetration testing tools

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